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If you’re in business your website is one of the most useful tools you have at your disposal. So it makes sense to use it properly. It’s not just a vanity project or a digital business card. It’s a marketing opportunity, a lead generator, and a corner of the internet you can claim as your own. And you need SEO-friendly website copy.

SEO-friendly website copy is not just a buzz word, or something a marketer will tell you a business needs because it’s a service they can sell you. Search-engine optimisation, or SEO, is not about ‘gaming’ a system, or getting something for nothing. It’s a process, a way of approaching your website content, and an opportunity to get in front of the people you want to speak to.

What are the benefits of SEO-friendly web copy?

  • You’ll be giving people engaging content they want to read, creating a better user experience.
  • You’ll be targeting your intended audience rather than anyone and everyone (which is effectively no one).
  • You’ll be producing content the search engines can actually find and return in searches.
  • You’ll have greater visibility online which can lead to lower marketing costs elsewhere.
  • You’ll build credibility and trust as you appear higher up in search results.

What is SEO-friendly copy?

In short, SEO-friendly copy is content written in a way that makes it easier for the search engines to find you online – and to return you in searches. In other words, it’s written to improve the chances of your web page being at or near the top of a search engine results page (SERP) when someone is looking for something you offer.

Search engine optimisation used to mean cramming in certain ‘keywords’ as many times as possible so the search engines thought you were the authority on a subject. The idea being that they would then list you first when someone searched that particular (key)word. 

Times have changed. 

Computers, algorithms, and people are much more sophisticated now. Search engine optimisation is about so much more than just keywords. It’s also about so much more than just getting a hit on a page. You need potential customers to find your website pages, but you also need your website to work for you once those people are there. And using SEO techniques properly can help with both of those things.

SEO isn't just for the search engines' benefit

Search engine optimisation helps the search engines find what people want. But information is not the only thing we’re looking for. We want a good experience too. 

Seo Target

It's content people want to read

The search engines will look at keywords when they are indexing your content. Yes, they want to know the people they direct to your page will find what they’re looking for – but they also want to know it’s presented in a way that will make them want to read it. That means it’s not just about keywords. Your content needs to be engaging and interesting – and look it. If your content is SEO friendly it should be people friendly too.

Making sure your website copy looks appealing can be just as important for user experience as the content itself.

We have much shorter attention spans when we’re looking at online content and tend to skim read. We like to know immediately if it’s relevant to us and will pick out the bits we’re interested in. Headings, subheadings, bullet points, and lists all help us do this. White space breaks up the text, so make sure you have plenty of gaps rather than long, dense paragraphs. Shorter paragraphs,  pictures, videos, infographics, and so on, can all help to keep a reader’s attention.

In general you should be aiming for a reading level of around grade 8, or age 14-15. However, this can vary depending on your target audience. Check out these tips on how to write great website copy for more information.

It's for your intended audience - not 'everyone'

You should know who your target audience are, what they are likely to be searching for, and why. Make sure you use the keywords and phrases they are using so they can find you. Write in a way that will resonate with them. Remember that different audiences have different preferences and expectations when it comes to content. Content aimed at a millenial podcaster is unlikely to appeal to a retired bus driver.

Make sure you’re connecting with your target audience on their terms. This makes it far more likely the right people will find you.

It helps the search engines find you

The search engines will categorise a web page based on the keywords they find in it. As the internet continues to evolve, the way people search for information changes. More people are searching using their mobiles and voice commands, so keywords and phrases change. If you want to stay competitive, you need to make sure your website is optimised for the right keywords and phrases. 

Preferences on how content is presented change too so make sure you stay up to date with those principles as well.

Green paper with a strip torn back to reveal typed words 'set yourself up for visbility and success'

It gives you greater visibility

More online visibility can help in several ways. Firstly, traffic coming to your website via a search is ‘organic’ traffic. Unlike pay per click (PPC) advertising, for example, you haven’t had to pay for it. This means you can reduce your marketing costs or spend your money elsewhere. If your website is optimised for the search engines you should be getting the ‘right’ visitors. This means you have a greater chance of converting them to customers.

It creates more credibility and trust

Appearing further up the search engine results pages gives the impression that you’re an established, trustworthy business with expertise. Regularly posting high-quality blogs is an effective way to be found by the search engines and establish your authority too.

Making your website copy SEO friendly

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to make a few small changes to your copy to impress both your readers and the search engines if you remember these principles. It can be daunting, but help is available! If you’d like to know more about we can ensure you’ve got SEO-friendly website copy, why not get in touch or book a free 30-minute meeting? I offer professional copywriting services in Berkshire and beyond.