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Everyone can write – and some people can write well. But just because everyone can write doesn’t mean they should be writing for their business. Copywriting is not simply about being able to write well. It’s about a whole lot more than ‘just’ writing. 

Copywriting blends a mastery and understanding of language and how it works with marketing techniques and psychology – and plenty of other things too. Writing for online readers is a whole different story to writing for a brochure, or for a case study.

A copywriter needs to take many things into account. These will include a brand’s identity and values, the tone of voice and degree of formality necessary, the target audience, the search engines, what medium it’s going to be used for – the list goes on. But if you still need some compelling reasons for why you need a copywriter, here you are:

Copywriters have the expertise to write persuasive, engaging copy

Copywriters know how to create text that will do what it’s intended to do. They will use language effectively to communicate the benefits of whatever you are selling. That could be a product, a service, or an idea. Or it could just be creating the right impression and proving you are an authority in your field.

You might have a complex message or a product that is difficult to explain. A copywriter will take your information and turn it into something clear and concise that resonates with the people you are trying to reach.

You can be too close to your own business, product, or service

When you know your company and sector inside out, it’s easy to forget that not everyone else does too. Jargon and buzzwords can creep in. Things that are obvious to you might not get explained properly. Alternatively, you might be tempted to explain every tiny detail of how you work and why you do what you do. Not to mention, your life or business story is probably integral to where you are now – but that doesn’t mean anyone else cares about the detail!

It can be hard to know what matters to your customers and stay focused on what’s relevant when you’re too close to your subject. A copywriter is impartial and will know what to put in and what to leave out. They will write to appeal to your target audience and clearly communicate the information they need – in the way they need it.

Consistent Content

It helps with consistency

Copywriters help establish and maintain a consistent brand voice. They will ensure your tone, style, and messaging align with your brand’s values and stay consistent across your written communications. A lack of consistency in messaging can be confusing for your customers and can lead to lower trust. It won’t help them recognise your brand quickly or understand easily what it stands for – and that’s vital.

Copywriters make your business look more professional

Have you ever noticed spelling mistakes or typos in the written communications of large brands? It’s rare. It’s one of the ways they give the impression of being professional and capable. But read the websites of some small, local businesses – and some larger ones who haven’t invested in a content writer – and they will be littered with errors or it will be hard to work out what they do. It doesn’t inspire confidence. 

While not everyone notices grammar and spelling mistakes or poor writing, many people do. You need the right information out there, written in a way that helps people understand what you do and why they need you. If you want to compete with larger companies and more established brands, you need to project the image of being just as good as they are, not a pale imitation.

SEO copywriters have the skills to improve your online presence

A copywriter who has been trained in writing SEO-friendly website copy and other online content will make your website more visible. They will do the research and incorporate keywords you need to show up more readily in online searches – without sacrificing the readability or quality of your content. They will know how to write blogs that people will read and the search engines will find.

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You can repurpose the content your copywriter creates

You can repurpose content your copywriter has written. This can be copy on your website, or blogs, newsletters, case studies – whatever you may have. Here are a few ideas for repurposing your content:

  • Take snippets from your website that explain your services or how you work, for example. These can be used as the basis for a social media post. FAQs are great for this.
  • Don’t forget about older content including your blogs. Use snippets and link back to them on social media posts when they are topical.
  • Use your newsletter for social media posts or as the basis for a blog.
  • Convert your blogs into podcasts or videos.
  • Webinar and presentation decks can be used for blogs or downloadable e-books.

Your time can be better used elsewhere

Your time is valuable and can be better used in areas where you are the expert. It gives you or your employees back the time spent writing to use their skills where they can have a greater impact.

Still not sure why you need a copywriter?

If you’re still not sure what a copywriter does or how one could help your business, why not book a chat? I write SEO-friendly website copy as well as blogs and case studies that will help your business look more professional and grow your brand. Get in touch!