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You need SEO website copy for your service-based business to boost your chances of ranking highly in online searches. More organic traffic means less dependence on paid marketing. Potential customers need to be able to find you easily – and before they find your competitors instead.

But it’s not enough for your content to be search-engine optimised. It needs to be expertly written to appeal to your target customers and prove your expertise and authority. Only then will you be bringing in more of the right customers – and making sure your chances of conversion are higher. 

Writing your own website copy effectively is almost impossible; you’re just too close to the subject.

Having your website written by a professional copywriter

I make sure your website is clear, concise, correct, and consistent. It will be search-engine optimised and talk to your target customers. 

What’s obvious to you might be confusing to your customers. What you think of as nothing more than commonly used words and phrases might be off-putting jargon to people visiting your website. 

Potential customers need information – but they also want to know you’re trustworthy, professional, and expert. Your website copy needs to convey all those things. It needs the right keywords and phrases and calls to action – but it should be written with people in mind, not just the search engines. Many websites tend to be written either for people or for the search engines, not both. 

Are you:

  • Starting a new service-based business?
  • Growing or pivoting your existing business?
  • Aware your website is no longer working for you?
  • Looking to compete with more established brands?

How does it work?

If we have already done a website audit we will know exactly what needs to be done and we can go from there.

However, you may already know your website is no longer fit for purpose (or not have one). We can arrange a call to discuss your needs when we can work out if we are a good fit. I’ll ask you to fill in a form before our call so I have a basic understanding of what you might need – and I’ll probably ask you a lot of questions for background too. You will of course have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have too.

I’ll need to know about your business, its products and services and your USP. I’ll want to know who you’re targeting and what your goals and objectives are.

And we’ll go from there. 

Are you ready to get started?

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