RB Writing

Even a good writer’s work goes through a careful editing process before it’s published. Having an expert look over the copy you have written will ensure it’s of a professional standard and doing the job you need it to do.

Are you sure your copy is having the right impact?

What is copyediting and what is it for?

Copyediting involves making changes to ‘copy’, or written text, to make sure it is correct, consistent, and fit for purpose. 

You want to come across as competent and professional. You want your marketing materials to have the right impact. If they are intended for people to take a certain action, you need to know they’ll have the best possible chance of succeeding.

  • If you’re publishing content online you want to know it ticks all the boxes for your customers and the search engines too. 
  • If you’re sending out important written information you want to be sure it is communicated clearly and concisely – and makes you look good. 
  • If you’re creating marketing materials they should be effective.

How can professional copyediting make a difference?

Unless you are a trained copywriter it’s unlikely you’ll know all the tricks and techniques for writing professional copy. 

Unless you are a trained copywriter it’s unlikely you’ll be able to wrestle your own text into the best version of itself.

Mistakes in grammar and punctuation, lack of clarity or cohesion, inconsistencies, errors, waffling – it all adds up. It can create a poor impression which can lead to people losing trust in you. Or it can just not do the job it’s intended to do.

Not everyone wants to have a professional write their copy or content from scratch. Maybe you particularly enjoy writing yourself. Perhaps you have a member of staff who is already tasked with it. Or you may simply not feel you can afford to outsource your writing at this point. Whatever your circumstances, copyediting can be a cost-effective way of giving your content that professional touch.

Are you:

  • Ready to take your business to the next level of professionalism?
  • Keen to make the most of your resources?
  • Finding your copy and content aren’t really working for you?

How does it work?

You give me your finished version and I will rework it for you according to your requirements. Whether you have created something from scratch or used AI-writing tools to produce your content, I can make sure it represents your brand and intent.

  • I can work to your brand guidelines, style sheet, or in-house standards.
  • For online copy I can make sure it’s search-engine optimised.
  • I’ll check for errors and inconsistencies and make sure your professionalism and expertise shine through.

Whether it’s blogs, website copy, marketing materials, internal communications – or anything else that’s written – I can help.