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I offer a wide range of services to suit all levels of content support and budgets.

Copy And Content Writing

Do you know what you need to get across but you’re just not sure how to say it in writing? Or do you just have no idea where to start? Are you short on time and know your expertise would be better used elsewhere? Or do you lack the knowledge, skills, or desire to write your content and marketing materials?

You can build your business by using case studies, engage your clients and grow your email marketing lists with newsletters, and capture new leads with downloadables like e-books. Maybe you need brochures, email sequences, direct marketing materials, features, or articles.

Whatever it is, if your marketing collateral is going to be worth the paper – real or virtual – it’s written on, it needs to be clear, concise, correct, and engaging. It needs to do what it’s designed to do.

If there’s something you need written, you need someone who can do it properly for you. Who knows how to use words to create the right response. As they say in marketing, you need copy that converts

I’m that person. And I can do your writing for you.

SEO-Friendly Website Copy

Maybe you’re starting a new business or are just now taking it online, upgrading your website and need professional copy for it, or would just like what you already have to be more engaging and ‘fit for purpose’: whatever your circumstances we can make sure your web copy is correct and consistent, appeals to your target clients, and is optimised for the search engines.

I can copyedit your existing website content or start from scratch. I’ll research your competitors and keywords and provide you with copy that is professional and search-engine optimised.

From £800 for a standard five-page website


Posting consistent, high-quality blogs is a vital component of your SEO strategy and should help you reduce your paid marketing costs.

One-off blogs are ideal for testing the waters if you’re not sure about outsourcing or are looking for a new copywriter, filling in a gap for holidays or unforeseen circumstances, or just because you fancy a break from writing them yourself.

My monthly blog packages start with a getting-to-know-you Zoom or phone call. And regardless of which package you’re on, one round of edits is included in the price.

I just ask for a three-month initial commitment followed by a rolling monthly agreement. Blogging is a long game, and you won’t see instant results. Consistency pays off and the more I get to know you, the better the job I can do for you. Over time I’ll understand more about your business and what you hope to achieve.

Wordsmith services – for getting a head start with a limited budget

Wordfinder services – for creating consistent content to grow your business

Wordsworth services – for established brands consolidating their position

  • Wordsmith
  • Wordfinder
  • Wordsworth
Copyediting your blog
Optimised for SEO
Relevant internal and external links
One round of edits
Briefing document to complete
Strategy and content ideas
Monthly call
Meta description
Social media post
Executive summary if necessary
One-off price – from 500 wordsFrom £75From £140From £180
Package price – from 500 wordsFrom £60From £125From £145
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Have you written something that needs to be as good as it can be? I can check your writing for grammar, spelling, consistency, and precision (and no, you can’t depend on Grammarly, Yoast, or ChatGPT to do any of that properly for you).

I can rework it into something that will make a difference to your business by giving it a professional once-over (actually more of a several-times-over).

Translation, Localisation, And Optimisation Of Blogs: French And Italian To English

If your website is in French or Italian and you want to translate your blogs into English, you’ll need a trained copywriter and translator who is also an SEO expert to make them count.

As I’m also a qualified translator of French and Italian to English (PG Dip Technical & Specialised Translation), you can be sure you’re getting the full service.

Bespoke Packages

Maybe you need one or two case studies per month or someone who can write your blog posts and an accompanying newsletter on a regular basis. Whatever your requirements, we can agree a plan.

Bespoke packages will be priced individually and are subject to an initial three-month commitment, but they are offered at discounted prices compared to my one-off services.