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SEO Website Copy Audit: Content Clarity

Your business might be highly professional, trustworthy, and expert, but is it coming across as all those things through your website copy? Are you appearing in searches or could your search-engine optimisation be better? How easy do you make it for people to understand what you do, how you can help them, and what actions you’d like them to take?

Concise, clear, and correct written communication is key if you want people to engage with you, trust you, and buy from you. But you also need the search engines to find you and return you in searches. 

Is your website copy letting you down? 

A Content Clarity Website Copy Audit will identify any gaps and give you easily actionable takeaways to for improving your reach, reputation, and conversion rates.

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SEO Website Copy: Connect, Convert, Elevate

Maybe you’ve got an idea for a start-up and intend to begin as you mean to go on, with professional, search-engine optimised website copy.

Perhaps you already know your existing website is no longer fit for purpose. Maybe it’s been neglected, wasn’t that great to start with, or your business has changed.

Whatever your circumstances, we can work together to make sure your web copy is correct and consistent, appeals to your target clients, and is optimised for the search engines. It should draw in organic traffic, and more of the right kind of customer. It should be working for you, not against you.

I combine strong copywriting skills and SEO techniques to create SEO website copy that is designed to work harder for you. Do you want a website you can be proud of that also works hard for its living? 

Content Support: Maintain & Build

Once you’ve got your website exactly how you want it and it’s bringing in organic traffic, it’s vital to keep it working for you.

Posting consistent, high-quality content is a vital component of your SEO strategy. You’ll also want to ensure the SEO on your site stays relevant and up to date.

Using content as part of your marketing strategy is a long game, and you’re unlikely to see instant results. However, quality and consistency pay off and the more I get to know your business, the better the job I can do for you.