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A copywriter writes copy (text) for marketing purposes. Copy is written information that is intended to ‘inform, persuade, or engage an audience’. Good copy will help you sell more products or services, better inform people about what you do, and drive more engagement. SEO copywriters write with the search engines in mind too.

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What Does A Copywriter Do?

A copywriter’s main job is to persuade people to buy a product or service or to raise awareness of a brand. Content writing is often described as longer-form writing and includes things like blog posts. Content writing informs, educates, and engages. It helps build social proof and should provide something of value to a potential or current customer.

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What’s the Difference Between a Copywriter and a Content Writer?

Everyone can write but not everyone can write well. Your time is valuable and better used elsewhere in your business. A copywriter is trained to use language and certain techniques to encourage people to act and to see you as the expert you are.

With well-written, professional, SEO-friendly content you create the right impression and will be more likely to attract more of the right customers. Good content will target the people you want to target, driving organic traffic and leads to your website and your business.

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Why Do I Need A Copywriter?

Before we agree anything I’ll make sure we both understand exactly what you require from me and what you expect me to deliver.

I will need to ask you questions to establish exactly what you need and this will depend on your objective and your expectations. Any information you give me will remain confidential.]

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What Information Does A Copywriter Need To Write Your Blog Post?

I am trained in SEO (search engine optimisation) and always make sure I write with both your audience and the search engines in mind.

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What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

This will depend on the size and complexity of the work, as well as my availability. A delivery date and what I will need from you to create your copy will be established before we agree on anything.

I work on both a one-off and retainer basis. You may initially just need a new website, or your current website updated and improved, for example. However, if you are looking for regular, quality content as part of your marketing strategy, you will see greater value from one of my subscription packages. The more I get to know you and your company the more effective I can be.

Find out more about RB Writing Services

No two copywriting projects are the same so I don’t quote fixed prices. However, a preliminary discussion about your requirements should enable me to give you an estimate of cost.

High-quality, professional SEO copywriting takes time and expertise. I need to understand your business, your target audience, your brand voice, your intentions and aims, and plenty of other things too.

Please bear in mind this is a premium service and not a budget option.

To put it simply, I work with anyone who is looking for copywriting/content writing services. I write for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses all the way through to large corporates.

I can work directly with your website designer and graphic designer, marketing manager, or business coach. I also work with agencies with clients who need high-quality content.

No, I don’t outsource. If you sign up to work with RB Writing you’ll be getting my full attention and expertise.

Most of the copy I write doesn’t have my name on it, but you can read my own blogs about copywriting or, if you’re interested in baking, check out my baking blog, Lovinghomemade.

I can also send you examples of relevant client work I have done in the past that I’m able to share – please just ask.

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