Hello and Welcome

Writing – it should be so easy. One word after another. You just need a subject and off you go. Sometimes the hardest thing is the subject. Once you’ve got one, off you go.

I have been writing my baking blog for years now and I’m never short of a subject. There are always hundreds of recipes I’m keen to try, techniques I want to learn, ingredients I’d love to use and ideas I need to investigate.

But the problem with a baking blog is that whatever I want to write about I have to bake, photograph and then eat. Sounds easy? It was to start with. The kids were younger, around a lot more and keen to eat whatever I offered. They had plenty of sports matches so I would always turn up with some sort of cake offering for the parents. There was always something new for the blog. To start with I was writing several posts a week but they were often only a paragraph or two and a picture of a cake.

As the years have passed I have developed my own post ‘style’: a discourse of some sort, a recipe (generally my own but not always) and step-by-step instructions with photographs. I’ve made it much harder for myself to publish a post. No more quick and easy options.

I now make a lot of cakes for paying customers and am rarely in the kitchen purely for pleasure. I’m doing writing courses, temporary office work on and off and have less and less time to bake for myself. Not to mention that with one child at university abroad and the other happy to just eat the offcuts and not really that interested in cake anyway, I would be eating most of anything I make myself. Add in an effort to avoid as much dairy and gluten as possible and I am seriously struggling to find a reason to bake. And therefore a reason to blog.

So my baking blog is seriously neglected. Not so much baking or blogging anymore. And I really miss it. You can check it out here: lovinghomemade.com and you’ll see I’ve chosen the tagline as this site’s address. You’ll also notice that my last post was a while ago and all about how I was looking forward to getting back to blogging…

So if you’d like to join me, my intention is to use this blog for writing. And more. But probably not baking.

5 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome

  1. Hi Rachel. I enjoyed reading this . A fantastic idea. I am going to add you to my bloglovin account so I don’t miss one.


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